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How to setup API to import Wdesk reports data into Power BI?




  • Jeff Hickey

    Hello Vinit. The Client ID and Client Secret that is generated when creating an OAuth2 Grant in Workiva can be passed to the Identity and Access Management (IAM) API to retrieve a bearer token. The bearer token is then used to authenticate with subsequent Workiva API calls. Developer documentation for the IAM API is located at and developer Wdata API documentation is located at Workiva does not require a specific tool or programing language. Any tool or language that you prefer and that can interface with the API is acceptable.

    Alternatively, Wdata Chains can be used to build an integration between Power BI and Workiva. A high level overview of Chains can be found here along with technical documentation here The Chain's Power BI connector does require an "Application (Client) ID" to be properly configured. This is the Azure application's client ID which is different and separate from the Workiva Client ID generated by the OAuth2 Grant.

  • Vinit Malviya


    I am trying to get bearer token through post request in python but it is giving error message 403 - Missing Authentication Token. Below is the screenshot of the code.


    Please resolve this.




  • Jeff Hickey

    Hi Vinit, it looks like you have added greater than and less than characters ('<', '>') around your client_id and client_secret which is invalid. Try it again without those characters. You can get a valid client ID and client secret pair from your OAuth2 Grant.


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