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Update DQ Company templates



  • Madison Ames

    Hi Jillian Halm does this Community Page help you with your question?

  • Jillian Halm


  • Madison Ames

    Okay Jillian Halm here is what I was able to gather from our team,

    At this time, we have discontinued the use of the DQ Company template but will continue to actively update the “Tag Cover Page with iXBRL” article for any new requirements. The most current information on cover page tagging requirements can be found under the “Cover Page XBRL Requirements” section. In this section you will find all elements expected to be utilized on the cover page based on document type and using the most recent DEI taxonomy (2020 DEI) with blue dots next to element names to indicate new elements.  For additional information on tagging for the  “IcfrAuditorAttestationFlag” element, please refer to this article. 

    Please note that for future requirements we will continue to update the “Tag Cover Page with iXBRL” article and provide other Community communications. 

    Hope this helps and happy tagging!


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