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Sections of Next Gen documents




  • Official comment

    Great news! A recent release has now made available Split to New Section in Documents 🥳..

    Thanks so much for your patience and feedback. Happy section splitting :)

  • Chuck

    Agree having the ability to insert section breaks would be a beneficial functionality. We have larger documents that we have imported in the past and has always been a pain to divide into sections. 

  • Mike

    Hi there Karen Charlton and Chuck!

    Thanks for bring this up. Indeed, this is a familiar request and has been asked a few months ago too. As mentioned there, this is not an available feature today but is something we're looking at doing, though there's no timeframe for when that might become a thing. Definitely happy to pass along your interest and will keep you updated should this get prioritized and moved into development work.

    In the meantime, holler if you need anything else or have questions for me. Cheers!

  • Karen Charlton

    That IS great news, thanks!

  • Lena L

    This is great tool.  Thank you.


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