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Is there a way to adjust the scale of the x-axis on a chart in Workiva? I don't see the configurations.




  • Mike

    Hi Naresh!

    Based on your image, it looks like you are working with a Chart in a Database. If that is correct, I double-checked and current that is not an option in that scenario. I also checked to see if it was on the radar to be worked on and didn't find any positive results there, sadly. I've shared this with our team for further consideration, but do let me know if I've missed the mark or you have any questions for me.

    Thanks again and chat with you soon.

  • venkat naresh yarlagadda

    Yes Mike that is right. Thanks for confirming. 

  • Mike

    No problem! FWIW, you CAN edit the axis scale in a Chart within Documents or Presentations.


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