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Recurring tasks




  • Official comment

    Hi all!

    Wanted to provide a quick update here about a recently launched new product called Processes, which is part of the overall Workflow experience. With this new availability, you are able to build out more of a set order of tasks to be done, add assignees, and approvers, along with a due date, and if you want the tasks to go all together, or in sequence. You are also able to copy the process to reuse it again. More info on Processes can be found here on our Help site:

  • Mike

    Hello and welcome to the Community, Michelle!

    Did some quick checking on this, and that time recurring tasks has not been added as of yet. Our Product Team has been looking into improved workflow experiences for awhile, but some of that work took a back seat as we worked to get all the existing functionality ported over from Classic to next gen.

    Now that those are met, we are working a bit more on enhancement to next gen, such as things like recurring tasks. All that being said, I don't have a timeline for when this might be made available but I'll be sure to keep you updated as there's been some movement there. I've also shared your request with the team, which you can follow along with here.

    In the meantime, let me know what other questions I can ask or if you need anything else. Thanks again and chat soon!

  • Stephanie Hout

    I don't know if this still works in next gen, but we were using a .csv file that I uploaded at the beginning of each quarter that contained all of our quarterly tasks. This was definitely easier than creating them individually.

  • Roman Vassilev

    Hi Mike. Do we have any recent update on this? I understand that processes can now be used to set up multiple tasks but I still think that recurring tasks can be useful. A couple more points:

    - If recurring tasks are set up (say they happen quarterly), it would be nice to have a "log" or "history" of the task, so that we can have information of who completed the task, who approved/reviewed, etc. This will help with the audit trail.

    - It would be nice to attach tasks to not only documents but to, say, controls. As an example, we can set up a recurring task to for the control owner to perform and/or approve a task (the actual implementation of the control) every quarter. That way all the evidence is housed within Workiva. Our external auditor could then use their "view only" status to see the history of the task and get their "evidence of review" without any requests sent our way.

    - To add to the point above - it would be nice to attach tasks not only to different parts of a document (and potentially actual controls), but to also be able to attach files (say pdfs, spreadsheets, etc) within the task itself. That way we house all the evidence within the task, i.e. the control owner shows not only that the control was performed, but also what documents were used/signed off on. Then again, our external auditor can simply go in and see all the information they need regarding the implementation of the control (evidence of review, information used in the control, etc.)


  • Carolyn Cafarelli

    Yes, we are looking for recurring tasks also, that will be triggered based on set timing, etc. monthly, quarterly, without someone having to copy a process or manually interact with it at all. Is this something that is in the foreseeable future? Thank you


  • Mike

    Thanks for the nudge here Carolyn Cafarelli. Looks like I owe you some responses, Roman!

    Today, Processes support automated Task reminders which fire off 3 days before a due date, on the due date, and each day after the due date (up to 45 days or until the task is completed). You an also manually remind at anytime.

    What is planned is a calendar-based reminder setup where you can pick these intervals. That request can be found here. Happy to tag both of you on that feature to keep you apprised.

    Let me know if I've missed the mark at all on your request and/or you have any additional feedback to share on the proposed feature. Thanks again for your patience and happy Friday!


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