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Attaching evidence to an issue or action plan




  • Official comment
    Shay Boudreaux

    Hi Donna White

    I am happy to tell you we have released the Remediation experience in both SOX & Audit. With this experience, both Issues and Action Plans have their own dedicated form experiences. This form experience not only includes attachments, as you requested, but also comments, review plans, linking, markup in the evidence viewer and dedicated requests. Please let me know if there is any other functionality you would deem valuable.


  • Mike

    Garsh Donna, so sorry about missing this question. This got unknowingly trapped community purgatory (i.e. spam) which I was notified about today. I'm gonna have to check why this occurred for you, but in the meantime I do have an answer for you.

    The good new is yes, there is a "paperclip" icon in the right hand panel that allows for attaching documents. Its found on the Issue or Action Plan data view, like so:
    I should clarify that currently this functionality only exists in the Data Record view, but by the end of Q4 2020 we will be releasing this functionality with our new Remediation experience in SOX, so definitely stay tuned to our What's New for that release.
    Hopefully this answers your question. Certainly let me know if you need anything else, or you have any other questions for me. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding and have a happy Monday.

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