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Next Gen XBRL - cell highlight



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  • Mike

    Hello again, Seong!

    Hmm... good question. I have a few ideas here. The Cell Highlights for XBRL are on by default and show if the value is tagged and passes a quick validation or if it fails it. A good tag will show with a green highlight, and a bad one with a reddish orange. Here's a quick example:

    You can toggle the Cell Highlights off, which will show triangles in the lower left corner instead, also green or red. Is the reddish orange what you are seeing as yellow maybe? Also, when you click on the Create Fact icon in the right-hand panel, it will highlight the cell in yellow to show which you have selected an its tagging data, like so:

    Let me know if either of these might be what you are seeing, or if I've missed the boat entirely. Happy to help get you all squared away and going with next gen XBRL. Thanks for reaching out and chat with you soon. Cheers!


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