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Table order in XBRL SEC Viewer




  • Mike

    Good morning, Michelle! ☕️

    Great question, as always. I brought this question up to our XBRl folks, and got this following response.
    The order of tables in the SEC Viewer rendering generally aligns with the order of the concepts in the XBRL outline. Reasons they may not, include:
    • the same Table Text Block is used on more than one table, in which case there is no way to control the SEC Viewer order;
    • if there is a dimensional structure present (i.e., a Member on the Table Text Block), in which case the table with dimensions will appear below the others;
    • concepts are not in proper order in XBRL outline
    They also noted that there may be other reasons but these are the first to come to mind. Do any those seem like the possible culprit? Let me know what follow-ups you have or if you need anything else. 🤜 🤛
  • Michelle Redditt

    Thanks for looking into this Mike. The culprit must be the dimensional structure. The table that is out of order does have an Axis/member and is being shown below the other tables in the SEC Viewer. 


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