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Folder permissions in Files area




  • Official comment

    Oof, I am way behind on an update here. Let me quickly catch you up.

    Folder Permissions were released and made generally available, so no beta is needed to access them. Here's a Help article on Managing Folder permissions.

    They currently do not have "inheritance", meaning setting the folder permission does NOT change the permission of the contents inside it. However, there are a few caveats:

    • the folder's permission does impact if a user can see a file from Home or not, meaning if someone had no permission to a folder, they would not see the file though it could be found via search, assuming they had permission to it
    • if you create a file from within a folder, it will assume the permission of the folder

    The feature for Folder permission with inheritance is being pursued and if you're interested, just let me know and I can get you linked up to that body of work.

    Thanks for your patience and give us a holler if you have any questions. Cheers!

  • Mike

    Hi Jeff!

    As mentioned on this comment, we anticipate having permissions for Folders available starting in September 2020. There's a phase-in plan in place for implementing this, which is based upon your account setup. I'll let you know for sure when Folder permission has kicked off but do let me know if you have any questions for me.

    In addition, I should also add that this first phase does NOT include permission inheritance for items in the Folder, i.e. dropping a Document into a Folder with X permissions will not adjust the permissions on the Document, nor will changing the Folder permissions while content is found in them. This is the same behavior today in Classic Projects, but just wanted to make sure I passed that along. Having inherited permissions from a Folder is planned but there's no timeline for when this will be released as of yet.

  • Jeff Murfin

    Thanks Mike. Inherited permissions for items within the folder will be an important feature; applying permissions to the individual files as we drop them in the folder is a time-intensive administrative task. We would be happy to be a beta for any testing, if it would help speed up that development.

  • Mike

    Hi Ruthie!

    Thanks for asking. Folder Permissions is nearly uniformly available, with over 80% of accounts having this enabled. This first pass of enablement allows access from the right-click menu in Home but does not include inheritance as of yet.

    In addition, there was an in-app Tour released this week for accounts that did not yet have it. The tour did link to this Help article on Preparing for Folder Permissions. By mid-January 2021, we expect to have this feature generally available for 100% of accounts.

    Hopefully this helps some. Let me know what questions you have, or if you need anything else. Thanks and have a happy Friday!

  • Jeff Murfin

    Hi Mike, thanks for the update. We would be excited to be a part of the beta for permission inheritance! Please feel free to link us in to whatever workstreams necessary.




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