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Identify or remove decommissioned/inactive controls?




  • Mike

    Well hello again, Rebecca!

    I just asked our SOX experts and they had the following recommendations for you.

    On our end, we recommend using a date decomissioned field which can be used to filter them out of reports. They will still show in data, but data view is not intended to be used as a control listing. Instead, we'd recommend directing going to reports instead  Also, deleting is not recommended. If you do not currently have a "date decommissioned" setup or you have questions about deleting, your CSM can help address those items.
    Hopefully this helps some. Let me know what questions you have for me in the meantime and thanks as always for the awesome contributions. Take care and happy Wednesday!
  • Rebecca Demy

    Awesome again Mike! I do have that functionality but will need to have that field added to the control listing so it can be used as a filter. Appreciate you as always! :-)




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