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Associate test information with the control rather than the test sheet?




  • Anit Jain

    Agree with Rebecca. This feature would be a great help.

  • Mike

    Hi Rebecca and Anit,

    Thank you both for your feedback here. So far I can say that currently, no, this is not yet possible, at least directly, and our Product Team has not yet prioritized this feature enhancement. That being said, our database experts recommended working with your CSM to do an import of the new test forms, and test steps and attributes.

  • Carey Parks-Musil

    this feature would be great.  We have spent 3 years reconciling all of our testing attributes with our external auditors.  I don't want my staff to be able to change the test steps without it going through a review process first.  We view the testing attributes as part of the control itself and not something that should be changed with each test form.  



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