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Issue with "Un-import Command



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  • Jeff Hickey

    The error means that the 'Un-import File' command is trying to un-import a file that is already un-imported (staged). This usually happens if the 'Import File into Table' command fails on the previous run of the Chain. There are a couple of things you can do to handle these cases in the future.

    First, I'd recommend adding a couple of retry attempts to the Workiva nodes. See step 4 here for a little information on where to find and setup retries. Adding 3 retries with a 15 to 30 second gap can help mitigate any network communication noise.

    Second, since the file failed to un-import because it was already in an un-imported state, the 'Delete File' node can still execute to delete and clean up that file. In the 'Delete File' node, rather than getting the File ID from the un-import node output, get the File ID from the Extract Value output (just like you're doing with the Un-import node). This way, if the un-import node fails, 'Delete File' will still attempt the delete as it is no longer relying on the success of the un-import node to get the ID. Alternatively, you could build logic in to extract the status of the file and either add a skip condition to the un-import node or branch using a Conditional node if the file exists and which state it is in.


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