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Next Gen - Add existing Document to a different folder




  • Mike

    Hi Linda,

    So sorry I missed this question. Happy to give a quick update for you.

    As far as listing the same file across different Folders is concerned, sadly that would not be possible. A Folder is a unique location, like folders on your computer, so you would not be able to reference the same file from different locations. Let me ask around real quick regarding you scenario and see what tips or best practices we have.

    Thanks for your patience and talk with soon (I promise). 

  • Mike

    Hello again, Linda.

    I have a few tid-bits for ya here. First, while referencing the same file in more than one Folder locations is not possible, one functionality that our Product Team is working on is adding shortcuts to folders that would be easily referenced. For example, you could create a shortcut to Folder A that has the document located in Folder B. I've shared your use case with our team for reference and created a request for you, here

    Related to the above folder work, one suggestion our team had was to utilize sub-folders as a workaround currently. By leveraging sub-folders you can have one main folder that includes everything that will be rolled forward together, and sub-folders to better organize the files. Here's some Help content on using folders.

    Hopefully this was of some help. Let me know what questions you have, or if you need anything else. Thanks again for your contributions and patience. Take care!

  • Linda Lo

    Thanks for your reply Mike! Much appreciated!


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