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Are there Excel settings we need to be aware of and set so that after uploading to SOX/Audit workspace the file is displayed correctly in the evidence/markup viewer?




  • Mike

    Hi Hoa!

    Thanks for the question. I double checked with our SOX experts and have some tips for you. For the best experience, we recommend checking your files for the following:

    • Print view settings
    • Password protected/locked files

    In addition, population files do need to have a header row. Outside of that, there may be outliers I'm not aware of but those should cover it. Let me know what questions you have or if you need anything else. Thanks again and happy Wednesday!

  • Alex Yassemedis

    Hi Mike! There is an ongoing issue with viewing Excel documents in the evidence viewer. Our team is having to download all submitted excel files to our desktops to analyze as the view is not coming across correctly. I appreciate how the team has figured out that the print view settings may be to blame but asking our hundreds of control owners (who are constantly in flux) to check their print view settings for each document they upload is not something that we have time to do. Any guidance on if this issue can be investigated would be extremely appreciated.

    Many thanks,


  • Mike

    Hi Alexandra!

    Thanks for reaching out. Hmm... that's a fair point there. Let me bring this one back up to our experts to see if any improvements and/or additional workarounds exist. Hold tight and we'll be in touch. Cheers!

  • Eitan Herman

    Any updates on the appropriate solution (=asking hundreds of control owners to check their print view settings for each document they upload is not realistic/practical). Three years have passed, I assume there is a solution. Please advise.

  • Isabel Messore

    Hi Eitan Herman,

    Thank you for your patience on this. I've drummed up a Support ticket on your behalf so your team can investigate further. We'll be in touch shortly!


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