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XBRL Next Gen




  • Jake Talbott

    Hi Teresa!

    The procedure to adjust the reference section and tagging level is a slightly different experience in next gen. Right-click on the section or sub-section and select the edit option to manage the taxonomy reference section, level of tagging, name etc.

    I hope this helps! Please reach out to Support if you need additional information.

    We will also offer regular platform demos too. More info is available here:

  • Teresa Sosse

    Yes, we saw that, but the information provided and changes that can be made are limited compared to Classic.  We've take the University courses and they were helpful.  I just wish we had known about them a few weeks ago.  I accidentally came across them when they were mentioned in a post by a user in Community.  Since we sometimes forget that University offers separate, additional educational resources, it would be nice if they were mentioned when doing a search in or browsing the Help part of the website.

  • Mike

    Thanks for your feedback Teresa Sosse. We are always looking to improve our support resources, as well as the experience of finding the ones you want when you need them. Having a more unified and robust search is something we are researching as we speak, so your comments are very timely. Thanks again for letting us know and give me a holler if you have questions or anything else comes to mind. Cheers!


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