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Report Row Coordinates




  • Mike

    Hi Christopher!

    Great question. Unfortunately, at this time the ability to View Row Coordinate is not available in Workiva. However, if a count of records is what you are looking for, we CAN do a count for unique values and all values (if there are duplicate records in the report). You can the save the count as a view and can always go to the view to see the number of records without having to add it each time. Does this make sense?

    Hopefully this is of some help. Let me know what questions you have for me, or if you need anything else. Thanks much and have an awesome day!

  • Gaby Le

    Hey Mike!

    Tagging onto the above - is there a way for us to use a formula to do a count for unique/distinct values in Wdesk? My Excel formula works in Excel and returns a value of 13 for example (i know you don't see the data here but just wanted to make the point that it works in Excel) but I have no luck getting the same formula to work in Wdesk


    where the range of data is C2:C161

  • Mike

    Hi Gaby!

    Hmm.... good question. A COUNTIFS should work to help find a distinct set of criteria, though I don't think Workiva will allow a COUNTIFS with a range as the criteria. I do find some requests for the function COUNTUNIQUE which I'm happy to add you too as well.


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