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XBRL rollforward 10-Q to 10-K



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  • Carrie Klosterman

    The method most often used is a separate 10-Q and 10-K file, linked to the same Spreadsheet. This method is valuable as it allows for easier control of changes between the two documents, including XBRL tagging. XBRL flows from one document to the other through the common Spreadsheet source link. The key element in this method is structuring the spreadsheet in a way that identifies Q and K values.

    You could incorporate both the 10-Q and 10-K in the same file within next gen documents but there would be far less value in this method within Classic. There are a few steps involved to exclude the unnecessary sections from the document and XBRL outline, such as making the section non-printing and suppressing the XBRL outline subsections. With next gen, there is a feature that will restrict XBRL in the non-printing sections, but this is still a step users would need to remember to select.

    Whether you decide to use a single document or two documents, the most important piece is to clearly identify links between 10-Q-only, 10-K-only, and 10-Q/10-K values in your Spreadsheet. Your Spreadsheet links will dictate how XBRL is updated between the two documents and impacts the value you will see from moving to a single-source process.

    A few other things to consider when sourcing your 10Q and 10K from the same Spreadsheet:

    • You will roll forward the 10-Q and 10-K every quarter. This will change your ability to blackline the 10-K from prior year.
    • You will do this separately for the 10-Q and 10-K, or in the same document.
    • It can take some time to understand how to relink the items from the 10Q and 10-K.
    • Taxonomy migrations must be done at the same time.
    • There can be a learning curve to understand how your documents are being updated from the Spreadsheet.

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