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Importing XBRL into SEC filings



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  • David Winn

    H Michelle,

    This is not a change specific to the next generation of Wdesk but instead being caused by the introduction of inline XBRL. With the adoption of iXBRL this process is now more involved than it was with traditional XBRL since the XBRL tagging now lives in the document instead of being a completely separated set of data files. In next gen there are a few features that can be used to make this process adjustment more efficient. If you set up shared links between all of the documents that need to leverage the tagging financial information, you can use our ‘Copy XBRL from another Profile feature’ to pull the facts through the links into different documents. At that point any fiscal date would need to be reapplied. We then have the ability to copy/paste full XBRL outline sections or groups of sections from 1 profile to another. This would allow you to quickly bring the presentation, calculation, and labels into the documents without having to build them from scratch.

    Let me know what other questions you have, or if you need anything else. Thanks!


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