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Data Quality Committee: Latest Round (Version 11) Available




  • Scott Coffman

    Hi Mike, we already filed our 3rd quarter 10-Q in February with iXBRL version 2019, but I believe the DQC rule set was not up to date at the time. Is it possible to generate XBRL now that the latest version 11.0.1 is implemented and see if we get some DQC errors? It is currently frozen. Maybe it would be better to make a test copy of the filed Q3 and then generate XBRL from that test copy. What do you think?

  • Mike
    Hi Scott!
    Thanks for the question and happy to help answer for ya.
    You are correct on both parts, the aforementioned updates to DQC were not released until very recently (late March) but running a new generation would include those checks and bring those up in the results. However, as far as what's feasible, unfortunately you cannot generate XBRL on a frozen document. Based on that, you have two options:
    1. If you are an Admin, you could thaw the document out to run the generation and then freeze it again when you are done, or
    2. You can do as you mentioned and make a test copy of the document and generate the copied version
    You can always perform the same validation test when you roll forward as well, assuming you perform a copy of your previous 10-Q, as that very first revision of the file would be the same as what was filed in the prior quarter.
    Does this all make sense? Let me know what questions you have or if you need anything else and I'll be happy to help. Thanks again and happy Wednesday!
  • Scott Coffman

    Thanks Mike. I appreciate a quick response. I am an administrator so I'll just create a new version of the already filed one so I can leave it intact as filed. 


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