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Saving report column widths in SOX & Audit Management




  • Mike

    Hi Greg,

    My apologies for missing your question. It must have got lost in the shuffle...sorry about that.

    You hopefully have got your answer by now but I was able to chat with our SOX & Audit gurus and they were able to provide some clarity on this question. The good news is yes, this IS possible but you will need to put the report in "draft mode" to make this change. To do this, simply change something else in the report, such as changing a filter, etc. Once you are in draft mode, you can resize the column width and then save it. This view will then be available as a Table View​.

    Hopefully that is of some help. And again, my apologies for not getting to this sooner. Let me know if you have any questions for me or need anything else. Thanks much and happy Tuesday!

  • Mario Parent

    Hello Mike,

    This question is 3 years old but I just tried it (22. Nov. 2022) and the column width in my report reverts back to the previous column width even when going into " Draft mode", and saving the report.

    Any other update on this issue?


  • Mike

    Hi Mario!

    Thanks for the nudge here. I will circle back with our experts here to see what should be expected and let you know. Chat soon!

  • Nick Park

    I am having the same issue.  The column width reverts to previous when clicking "save".  Being able to customize the column widths and row heights would be extremely useful.  

  • Mike

    Hi Nick!

    Are you looking for this enhancement request by Tom? If so, I'll be happy to add you as a requestor there too (you too Mario Parent). Let me know if I've missed the mark or you have any questions for me.


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