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8-K Filing with XBRL in exhibits




  • Mike

    Hi Michelle,

    Great question. I think I can shed a little light on it for ya.

    You will need to be in the same taxonomy if you are merging two documents with XBRL. Regarding your next question, migrating from the 2018 to the 2019 Updated DEI taxonomy should not create any issues, i.e. you won't lose any tagging, with the small exception of possible deprecated concepts that would need to be replaced. Once you are migrated to the 2019 Updated DEI, you will then need to add your documents into the same project and make sure that the XBRL Outlines do not have duplicate information. At that point, when you generate the XBRL, it will ask which documents should be included, and all that have XBRL tagging should be included.
    Does all that make sense? Let me know what questions you have or if I can help with anything else. Thanks for your contributions and have a great rest of your day!
  • Michelle OMalley

    That worked thank you so much Mike!!

  • Mike

    That's great to hear, Michelle! You're quite welcome :)


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