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Entire Section is green




  • Mike

    Hi Kimberlee!

    Thanks for the question. Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this.

    The first thing that comes to mind is the tagging used. Is the section tagged with a Level 3 text block tag, and not a Level 4 detail tag? I ask because a Level 4 tag would show up highlighted in next gen XBRL, whereas text block tags do not highlight in next gen XBRL.

    Let me know if this is not the case, or you have any follow-ups for me. Thanks again and chat soon.

  • Kimberlee Bergsma

    The entire footnote is green.  We are brand new to Next Gen, so I'm sure we are doing something incorrectly.  Other footnotes are not showing this way.  It seems that there are level 4 tags in the table and we were trying to do level 4 tags in the language when everything turned green.  



  • Mike

    Thanks for all the info, Kimberlee. No worries, I'm fairly new to next gen XBRL too and this questions is putting me through my paces. I was actually able to connect with your PSM offline and he thought he knew the cause and has hopefully addressed the issue for you.

    What was likely the culprit was your entire note was tagged with an L4 concept instead of an L1 one concept, which makes the entire note turns green. Here's an example:

    If you remove the errant concept and apply an L1 in its place, it should resolve the issue.

    If you have any follow-ups for me  or need anything else, give me a holler and I'll be happy to help. Thanks again and have a great day!


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