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Yellow/orange highlights in the cell and warning - date/date range for cell is inconsistent with column tag




  • Mike

    Hi Monty!

    Thanks for the question. I'm pretty confident I know what's going on. It seems that those values were tagged  using "Quick Tagging", where the rows and/or columns are tagged with the same value. The other method of tagging would be "Detail Tagging", where the little window pops up and you apply the tags in that way. Quick tagging is pretty in classic XBRL for your FACE statements, however you can't mix quick tagging and detail tagging on the same table, which is why you are seeing that message.

    TL;DR - you can fix this by removing the quick tagging and applying the detail tagging only. Here's how:

    1. With XBRL on, click on the on top let corner of your table that has the three horizontal lines and select 'Enter Table Focus Mode'. This will allow you to see the quick tagging.
    2. On the lower right corner of the table, there should be a check to enabled Quick Tagging Mode.
    3. Next, scroll to the bottom of the table, which is where the dates are found. From there, remove the date or replace to the correct one.

    If you remove the date, you'll want uncheck the option for "Quick Tagging Mode" and then apply the correct date(s) using the detail tagging window to all the concepts in the table. If you replaced the date still in quick tagging, just remember that you'll only be able to edit the tags/dates from quick tagging in the future.

    Hopefully this helps. Let me know if you need clarification on any of the above, or have questions. Thanks again and happy tagging!

  • Monty Modi

    Hi Mike, thanks for your response. This really helped!

  • Mike

    Glad it worked out. Always happy to help! :)


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