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XBRL validation error in next gen from $Nil in document.



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  • Mike

    Hi Barbara!

    I did some checking on this and the good news is I do have a solution for you.

    The issue is actually related to iXBR, and not next gen. iXBRL, unlike traditional XBRL, is tied directly to the document value and interprets those values as they appear. Furthermore, iXBRL has a certain set of allowable transformation values for 0 (zero) and sadly, "Nil" is not one of them. In your case, the iXBRL cannot convert the "Nil" value to a numerical format it can identify and thus the error message.

    To resolve, you have a few options. The best would be use one of the allowable transformation values for 0, instead of "Nil". The allowable ones are: zero, no, No, none and None. Another option could be to tag the value in a non-printing section and keep the "Nil" value as an untagged item in your actual document section. However, I'll add that this option will cause a Hidden Facts Warning, which would not be resolvable. We are hopeful that the SEC will update EDGAR at some point to allow "Nil" as another transformation value of zero. In the meantime, we recommend that you avoid tagging in a non-printing if possible to avoid those warnings.

    Hopefully this helps. Let me know what questions you have for me on any of the above, or if you need anything else. Thanks again and have a fantastic day!


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