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Smart Quotes




  • Official comment

    I have great news, Liz!

    Smart quotes (aka curly quotes) was recently released to both next gen Documents and Presentations. They are applied in the same way as with classic, via Document Properties. Check out the announcement here, and hit me up with any questions in the meantime. Otherwise enjoy some smart quotes!

  • Mike

    Hi Liz!

    Smart quotes in next gen Documents is planned to be available in early 2020. Feel free to stay apprised of the releases by following our What's New topic here in the community, or check out this page:

    Thanks for your feedback and holler if you need anything else. Cheers!

    P.S. I've moved your question into our Feedback & Suggestions topic and have extracted it into a ticket request to attach on our end. I'll keep you posted here but wanted to let you know. Thanks again :)


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