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Create link between Wdesk database and other documents




  • Rachael Abdelkhalek

    Thanks for the question. In Wdesk, you are able to create a link from the database to existing Wdesk documents if you are copying from either the record view of a control or the data view panel within a report of the database. To create the link, you need to use the keyboard shortcuts, so from the database, you would type CTRL+C to copy (a banner will appear to tell you its copied) and then in the Wdesk document location you would type CTRL+V to paste the data.  Once this link is established, it will update in real-time as the database info is also updated. Furthermore, in the database you'll also see this when a link is created:

    Thanks again for the question and have a great day!

  • Jill Hom

    Is there a way to reference another test form through a hyperlink? 

    For example, testing is performed in a different control, so we would like to reference and link to where the testing is completed.

  • Mike Davis

    Hello again, Jill 😊

    In chatting with our SOX experts here, they mentioned that they could probably put a field in to reference another test form, but this would be an item you'd need to work with your CSM on to add. Do let me know what questions you have for me in the meantime and thanks again for your contributions.

  • Mike Davis

    Quick follow-up for you Jill.

    I've confirmed that we have something built in the model that not many customers use that we can add to your test form. From how I understand it, it will allow you to select where the control is tested and show on the other control how many controls it covers.

    Wanted share that while I had it. Let me know what questions you have for me in the meantime. Happy Friday!


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