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Tips to improve your Word (DOCX) imports




  • Greta Hoffmann

    Hi Mike, Two years ago at TEC in Tennessee, I went to a user session that talked about Importing long Word exhibits (it was one of the practical sessions on computers). It had a tips and tricks sheet that I've since lost. I'm wondering if you happen to have access to that? 

  • Naresh yarlagadda


    Say If I have a table format in the word document, will it require any special steps i need to take care?

  • Celeste Peiffer

    WOW!!  You have just saved me hours of time trying to format a 130 page agreement with "legal section numbers."  Thank you so much!!

  • Mike

    Thanks for sharing, Celeste, and happy to hear it was a time saver. You're quite welcome. And welcome to the Community 😊


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