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Non-filing types in next generation Documents




  • Mike

    Hi Linda,

    Great to hear you are working in next gen!

    Regarding the distinction between "Document" and "Other", those are strictly only a classic Document variation. In next gen, the only type of document to create is simply the type "Document". When you create a next gen filing, you can select this Document as your source and it will become whatever filing type you want it to be. It's the next gen filing itself that denotes the type, i.e. a 6-K or 10-Q. Furthermore, next gen Documents do support text and tables and all the bells and whistles you'd need for a 6-K filing. More info about next gen filings in gerenal can be found here on our help site:

    Hope this was of some help. Let me know if you need anything, or you have any questions on the above. Cheers!

  • Mike

    Wanted to give a quick update here. Recently we did add a "None" type document in next gen and this type of next gen Document is non-filing.

    To change and/or view the type, go to File > Properties > Type, like so:

    Note that you can switch back from None to a fileable type without issue. Doing so will only impact the Document Health warnings messages you get, i.e. things like external hyperlinks or image file formats that can cause issues in EDGAR.

    If you have any questions on this or need anything else, let me know. Thanks as always and have a super day! 

  • Matt Simmons

    Hi Mike,

    I notice you have an option to change the next gen document type to 8-K; however, I don’t have that option when I go to document properties. Can you file an 8K without having to add it to a project? 

    In addition, will projects no longer be available once flash is eliminated at the end of the year? If so, is there a way to file a documents that includes exhibits (ie 10Q)?



  • Mike

    Hi Matt!

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. Happy to answer these, though.

    Interesting you don't see the option to change. Do you happen to know what your solution type is for your Workspace? For the second half of your question, if you are in next gen then you would not be filing with a project but a filing package of sorts, or a next gen filing. They look like this:

    Your next question is related to you last in that with next gen you can file with your exhibits and other documents all in a next gen filing package, so no project needed. You'd create a next gen filing and collect all your filing documents (primary doc, exhibits, images, etc.) there to submit to the SEC.

    Let me know what find out above regarding your solution type and holler if you have questions on the above filing process in next gen. Thanks again and chat soon!


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