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iXBRL Test Filing Preview




  • Official comment
    Ruby Blau

    I can confirm that it is expected that the test file preview does not show inline tags and that Alex and Jonathan are correct: the best way to see what it will look like on the SEC's site is to use the SEC Viewer. 

  • Alex Pabellon
    On the print preview, go to interactive data. Then you'll see each section on the left. At the top, you'll see "10Q." Click on that. It'll have your inline preview.
  • Jonathan Gregory

    If you want to see your document as it would look on the SEC website with iXBRL, next to "Filing" go to your "XBRL" tab and click "SEC XBRL Viewer", then "10-Q". It does only show the HTM version in your documents panel. Hope this helps! 

  • Alex Pabellon
    I meant the test file preview. Yes, exactly. And I didn't know you could post screenshots! Thanks, Jonathan.
  • Lynn Kaminski
    Thanks for the quick responses!  I can see the inline XBRL from the "SEC XBRL Viewer" in the XBRL Project tab, but didn't see it after submitting a test filing and then clicking on the test filing preview link.  Just wanted to be sure that was "normal".  

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