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iXBRL format and rendering in the new SEC viewer vs. Edgar




  • Official comment

    Hi Daisy, and Mary!

    My apologies for delay in getting to this. I've been working with our Professional Services team on your question to see if there's some possible resolutions for you but as of yet we don't have a great solution. The SEC viewer has always been tricky and sometimes things are out of our control.That being said, what are you seeing is one of the limitations of the SEC viewer and is something we cannot control. Our Professional Services team recommends utilizing the viewer to check for completeness of XBRL and not for formatting consistencies.

    Anyways, hope this helps! Thanks as always and happy tagging!

  • Mary Lynds
    I have the same issue, and we would like to correct it before the next filing.  Has there been any response to this question?
  • Dalisay Pingul

    We ended up filing with what we got.

    The old SEC viewer, I'm not too concerned about it since Workiva has always emphasized not to worry on the formatting as long as the tags are correct. The new SEC viewer, it makes me feel "sloppy", even though Edgar view on its own is fine. 

    I do look forward to the corrections in the future, thanks for the follow-up Mary!


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