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Cover page ixbrl tagging errors




  • Mike

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for the question. I did a little checking and below are my suggestions.

    For item 1, I would try the following steps to address this error:

    1. Delete the contents in the cell that contains "Large accelerated filer"
    2. Re-type "Large accelerated filer"
    3. Check the cell to see if it shows green, i.e. no tagging errors
    4. Generate iXBR and review the SEC Viewer for a value of "Large Accelerated Filer"

    If this does not resolve the error, then I might recommend reaching out to your CSM or a member of our Professional Services team to help address.

    For item 2, the error message is not actually related to the value "Q2" tagged on the DEI but instead is letting you know that a text block tag (Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3) is not utilizing a YTD date. As a reminder, all text blocks must utilized YTD dates. I'd see if you can track down which one it might be. Lastly, the XBRL date on the "Q2" should also be the YTD date.

    Hope that helps. Let me know what other questions you have, or if you need any clarification on the above. Thanks again and happy tagging!

  • Michelle Redditt
    Very helpful, as always. Both solutions worked! Thanks Mike!

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