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Extract management design procedures and testing attributes




  • Mike

    Hi Denise!

    So sorry for the delay in getting back with you. The good news is yes, this is possible in Wdesk but your would need to contact your CSM to have them get that going to capture all of that data. Depending on the number of controls it can be a large report but we can create that for you.

    Again, I apologize for missing this. Do let me know if you have any questions or need anything else. Thanks so much for your question and have a great rest of your day in the meantime. Cheers!

  • Jonathan Maldonado


    Retaking this topic (three years ago), is it possible to do it now in 2022 without CSM support?



  • Mike

    Hello and welcome to the Community, Jonathan!

    Thanks for the question. The answer here is both yes and no. To achieve this, you would either need to export test forms, or this information could be pulled together into a report that could then be exported. If you do not have a report with this info available, your CSM can help build it so you have the exact fields you'd need included in the report.

    Hopefully that helps some. If you need any assistance getting in touch with our team, just let me know. Thanks and happy Wednesday!


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