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Is there a file size limit on uploaded files?




  • Rachael Abdelkhalek

    Yes, there are file size limits for PBC request uploads. They vary for Populations vs Sample Evidence, but they are as follows:

    • Populations have a max size allowable of 10 MB per file for sampling. Larger sizes are allowable, but the sampling must be done outside Wdesk at that point.
    • Sample Evidence has a max size of approx. 100 MB. Wdesk can scan files up to 500 MB, but performance can suffer for files 100 MB and up. There's also a max of 25 files per sample row.

    Thanks for the question and have a great day!

  • Jillian Hom

    Does Workiva plan on increasing the file size for sample evidence?  Our process owners have PBC files that are in the 200-300MB range.  They mention that the PBC upload process times out on them.  

    We are then required to exchange emails with the process owner for the PBC support, which I then upload into Wdesk.

  • Sheila Tapia


    I understand the maximum size to upload files is 250MB.  Is there a plan to increase that size?  Our company has many important files that are very large and we would love to upload them in Workiva either as PBC request and also on the test forms.  Thank you


  • Mike

    Hi Shelia!

    I circled back with our product team on this one and sadly at this time we don't have immediate plans to increase the upload size. That said, there are some improvements in the works that might improve things for uploads and also modernizing the request upload experience too.
    That said, I'll be sure to keep you updated on these efforts going forward. Let me know what questions you have and if you need anything else. Cheers!
  • Alejandra Rodriguez Parra

    Hi! Our company is trying to import relevant documents for the development with 335MB size. Workiva doesn't allow uploading that size. Is there any plan or way to increase this size?

    Many thanks!

  • Isaac Oard

    Hi Alejandra Rodriguez Parra
    Are you looking to upload these as samples, or is the goal is to be able to open larger attachments in the evidence viewer? Once I hear back from you, I will get you added to an idea ticket to track progress on this! Thanks for your feedback!


  • Alejandra Rodriguez Parra

    Hi, we are looking for both but mostly as samples as an initial approach.

  • Isaac Oard

    Alejandra Rodriguez Parra
    Thank you! I will get you added!


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