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Help resolving ixt: formatError




  • Mike

    Hi Ricardo,

    For your first question on EntityFilerCategory, this is a known limitation in the iXBRL viewer where it displays certain values as a formatError rather than displaying the actual fact value. We recommend checking the disclosure transformed properly by opening the SEC Viewer or Wdesk XBRL Viewer and reviewing the fact there. The value will appear correctly once filed with the SEC.

    For your second question on EntityIncorporationStateCountryCode. You can find here a list of the two-letter states, countries and provinces the SEC accepts as values for transformation for this element. "Federally chartered corporation" is not one of the accepted values. Your options would be to update your cover page to the State or to tag the two-letter state in the non-printing section of the DEI (for this option you will receive a hidden fact warning). 

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks as always and happy tagging!

  • Ricardo Solano
    This is very helpful Mike. Thanks!

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