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Help resolving ixt:formatError with iXBRL cover page tag




  • Ildiko Nagy

    I have the exact same issue.

  • Melanie Rode
    I noticed same issue in my review and reached out to our XBRL specialist. Here was her response - “The issue only exists in the SEC Viewer in WDesk - the actual SEC has written in translation code that will properly read the values that you've input. For example, with the filer category, originally the SEC would only accept the value in camel case ("Large Accelerated Filer"). They've since built in code that can read "Large accelerated filer." The SEC Viewer in WDesk just hasn't caught up yet. Here's an example of a company that successfully filed with the formatting that you have for the filer category: It's the same thing with the exchange tag - you could change the cover to match what the SEC originally want, but you can file just fine without errors the way that you have it now. “
  • Lynn Kaminski
    Thanks for the info!

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