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Q1 Redline to 10-K and Q3 - Best Practice




  • Lizette Cha
    We have a similar situation where executives want to see incremental changes within certain footnote disclosures from the Q3 filing to the 10K draft. We run multiple redlines in Word to determine what changes need to be make to the 10K Proforma draft to conform with the Q3 disclosures. After these changes are made, we then set a milestone to establish our "beginning point". This process is very lengthy and manual as well. I would welcome input from others in the community who have situations similar to this and any recommendations to streamline the process.

  • Amanda Worth

    Hi, I would love any current input from the Workiva Helpdesk on this question. 

    Are there any special settings I should use when creating a redline of the 10-K vs. the 10-Q within Workiva for let's say... a Q1'24 filing.

    Since the sections in the 10-K and 10-Q are not in the same order, the standard redlining process within Workiva produces a very messy redline. 

    Just wanted to know if Workiva figured out a way around this so that users do not have to result to creating redlines with a lot of manual work in MS Word. Thanks!!!

  • Mike

    Hi Amanda!

    Happy to help here. From the Workiva side, we do have a beta setting for Cross Document Blacklines which would allow you to compare two separate documents. That said, this would be more for comparing quarter to quarter or annual to annual as opposed to quarter to annual, but you definitely could. Let me know if you'd be interested there or have any follow-ups for me. Thanks for reaching out and have a great rest of your day!


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