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Is there a formula to determine the rate at which the NPV would equal 0 of a stream of payments?




  • Ben Andrews
    IRR() should do that for you.
  • Phyllis Collins

    Is there an equivalent to the "Goal Seek" function under the "What if Analysis" Data function in Excel for forecasting in Wdesk?
  • Mike
    Hi Phyllis,

    At this time there are not any 'What-If Analysis' functions, such as 'Goal Seek' built into Wdesk Spreadsheets. You could, of course, build out such a calculation within the Spreadsheet itself, but there's nothing pre-built for Spreadsheets that matches these functions in Excel.

    Our Product Team has looked into this in the past and are certainly be open to considering it further as more functions are added to Spreadsheets. I've shared your interest in this feature with the team and will keep you apprised with any new info. Thanks for your feedback and let me know if I can answer any other questions you might have. Cheers!

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