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How do I enable the XBRL tab?



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  • Mike
    Hi Steven,

    There are a few things to consider for this, but the most likely would be that your Wdesk license does not have the appropriate level or add-on to edit XBRL. For V3 license levels in Wdesk, you'd need a minimum of a Standard license PLUS the XBRL add-on to then see and edit XBRL on a document. The same is true for a Professional license, though if you had the Filing add-on, you'd automatically get XBRL too.

    Based on what you are describing, I suspect that you don't have the XBRL add-on for your license. To check, you can confirm with your CSM or with your own internal Admin to see what license you currently have and have your access level edited if needed.

    More about license levels in Wdesk can be found at this page on our Help site: Holler if you have any questions for me on any of the above. Thanks for the question, and have great rest of your day. Cheers!

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