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Do you have your external auditors using Wdesk as "readers"?




  • Jeff Brown
    At the current time, we do not allow our external auditors access to WebFilings. We print out clean and blacklined PDFs from WebFilings and this is what they are allowed to read. However, we are considering giving them "reviewer" rights in the future.
  • Brock Lakely
    I hadn't thought of this, but that is a great idea. We still get hardcopy comments from our auditors and it can be a painful process to respond to their comments with 100% completeness. The only hesitation I would have in doing this is that it sounds like it would reduce the number of available reader licenses, but since those are not very expensive, this sounds like the way to go!
  • Faramarz Romer
    We not only gave reader access to our auditors (which they love and use every quarter) we also gave it to our audit committee chairman, our external legal counsel, and our CEO. They all find it very useful and since we let them view each other's comments, it eliminates repetitive comments/edits. Totally worth the cost of additional reader licenses. We also send our black-lines after each round of comments/reviews which saves them a lot of time too.
  • Robin Zondervan
    We give our auditors reader access as well and it has worked great. We get their comments much more quickly than we used to. They have noted they like it as well as they can see responses from us so quickly. We are working on adding our external legal counsel as a reviewer as well. No more paper reviews for us!
  • Arihant Bengani

    Since you all liking it and we are not doing it.. is there any way to involve them only at the right stage of Q/K preparation and then make them inactive till next Q?

  • Permanently deleted user

    We involve the auditors as limited starters only, so they are only able to view reviews when we send them, not the live version of the document. They can leave comments and we can review and respond in real time. This is in classic documents, so I don't think it's available for next gen. I've used this method successfully in the past but our current auditors IT department doesn't allow them to access cloud based applications so they have to request special access each quarter. It also depends on the team, because I've had this be successful in the past but currently, either the IT difficulty or the team is not using the commenting functionality, so comments and back and forth collaboration isn't going as planned. 


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