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Work day formula




  • Official comment

    Hi Carmelli!

    Great news for you . A recent release to Workiva has made the function WORKDAY (and the variant WORKDAY.INTL) available in Wdesk. Thanks for you patience, and give us a holler if you need anything else. Thanks and have a great rest of your day!

  • Mike

    Hi Carmelli,

    As of yet, the WORKDAY formula is not yet available in Wdesk. However, our Product Team is always working on adding more and more formulas to Wdesk and certainly WORKDAY is one they are considering. I've shared your interest with the team and will keep you updated here with any new developments. You can also follow our Release Notes too, to stay up-to-date.

    For future reference, you can see what all formulas are available in Wdesk by clicking on the Fx button in the toolbar of a Spreadsheet, like so:

    Thanks, and have super day!

  • Carmelli Marifosque

    That is great news! Thanks Mike for the update.

  • Mike

    No problem, you're are quite welcome 😎


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