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I do not have the option to modify or return a PBC request




  • Mike Davis
    Hi Ana,

    I'm here to help! :)

    My initial guess is that there was no approver set when the PBC request was sent out, or  you are not the approver for it. If this is the case, there sadly isn't a way to undo the completion of the PBC, so you have two choices: 1) live with the data that was provided, or 2) delete the PBC and re-send with an approver attached to it.

    Let me know if the above is not the case for you, or you have any additional questions for me. Thanks for your question, and have a great rest of your day in the meantime. Cheers!
  • Ana Paola Hurtado
    Thanks so much Mike. This is very helpful to us.
  • Mike Davis
    It was my pleasure, Ana. Stay awesome!

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