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iXBRL and phantom tagging




  • Mike
    Hi Barbara!

    Thanks for the question. The short answer to this is yes, for iXBRL warnings about hidden values, you'll need to ignore those warnings for now. Our Product Team is working to resolve this issue in next generation and hope to have it fully addressed early next year. Note that if you are using iXBRL in a classic Document in the classic Filing Wizard, this warning will not be addressed.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any additional questions for me or need anything else. Cheers!
  • Mike
    Hi Carol,

    Certainly, I'm happy to provide an update for ya.

    The initial issue of iXBRL warnings for all hidden values has been addressed in next gen. That being said, with the new cover page tagging requirement, you WILL receive a validation warning if you tag that information in a hidden section. This is because it expects them to be visible on the cover page. Tags outside of the cover page that are tagged in hidden sections should not cause a warning, however. Does that make sense?

    Let me know what other questions you might have or if you need anything else. Thanks as always and have a happy Friday!
  • Carol Stephenson
    Is there a more recent update to this question?
  • Glenn

    We are using next gen for our 10-Q for the first time and are getting hidden value warnings on certain duration tags (document source linked) that are in our Stock Comp note and Intangibles note. The DEI is our only non-printing section in new gen 10-Q. Per our PSM, this is an iXBRL quirk and is happening with other filers. Not sure if anyone else is encountering this.

  • Mike

    Hi Glenn,

    I believe I can shed some light on this for you.

    ou are correct. For duration disclosures that only disclose the periods as a lone number word, for example "three" this fact will result in a hidden value warning. If you are able to link or include the period, for example "three years," this hidden warning will go away. However, there are certain scenarios where this is not possible based on what is being disclosed in a document. This is the quirk your PSM was referring to. I hope this helps! 
    Holler if you have any additional questions for me or need any assistance. Cheers!

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