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Can we attach backup details in the Reports for SOX yet?




  • Barbara Spradling

    Our Change Mgmt Report was created as part of the database.  We were able to attach emails in a cell/row for specific controls in the old format, but not the updated format.  External audit was able to see attachments related to the Change mgmt. requests, if applicable.
  • Rachael Abdelkhalek

    Hello Barbara, 

    1. I would recommend creating custom Matrices for "Additional Uploads" on your testing sheet where you can then attach meeting details or backup details on the testing sheet level. 

    2. Another option would be to have a project in the database under the files tab to house additional uploads needed for External Audit. You would need to give them view access to this project and could provide a hyperlink on the testing sheet or on the overview tab with the help of your SOX customer success manager.



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