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Copy a Spreadsheet to a different project (not a roll forward)?




  • Mike

    Hi Jennifer,

    Wanted to provide a quick update here about a recent release to Wdesk. You can now copy a Spreadsheet from Home via the right-click menu. You should see the option for "Copy (Beta)". This would also be true for all other content, including next gen Documents and Presentations, as well as all classic content too.

    Note that historically you've been able to use Copy (Beta) for classic content, but the release now allows this for next gen content.

    Thanks for your patience and let me know if you have any questions. Best!

  • Kellie Volpicelli

    If there is a spreadsheet in one project (Management Reporting, rolled monthly), and a document in another project (10Q, rolled quarterly), can the spreadsheet in the monthly project somehow be linked to the quarterly project?  Is making a copy of the spreadsheet the only way?  And if so, what happens to all the formulas that may contain references to the other project?

  • Mike

    Great question, Kellie Volpicelli!

    I may have a possible solution for you here. Potentially you could utilize the keep links to linked files option for that one monthly project. This is available from the right-click Copy option in Home but is only possible if everything were in next gen, i.e. Spreadsheets, Docs and Presentations. Here's what that option looks like:

    Give me a holler if there are any questions on that process or you need anything else. Thanks much and chat soon!


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