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XBRL and Spreadsheet setup




  • Mike

    Hi Christie,

    Essentially there are two schools of thought when setting up linking and XBRL tagging for 10Qs and 10Ks--the traditional method and the single-source method. The method you are using would be the traditional method and is the most common. The reason this setup is the most common is in how XBRL and linking interact, especially with roll forward and taxonomy migration. 

    The actual XBRL tag on a fact in your document lives on the link itself and follows that link around. When you roll forward your 10Q quarter to quarter, XBRL will stay intact and follow the links. The same is true when you migrate to a new taxonomy.

    If you employ the single-source method, you'll need to do a few things, but most importantly these two items:

    1. Always roll forward your 10K and 10Q (and any other linked item) together, and;
    2. Always migrate your 10Q and 10K at the same time

    So to answer your question, the answer is yes in both cases. You can do either method, it just depends on a few things. Does that help?

    Do let me know if you have any questions for me on the above, or need anything else. Thanks for the question and have a great day!

  • Hazel Cerisier

    Hi Mike, I am exploring migrating taxonomies myself for my single-source project.  And I see you have a hyperlink here for "migrate your 10-Q and 10-K" - just what I need... but the hyperlink appears to be broken.  My question is... how do I migrate 2 documents at once? Is that what that means, or does it mean in rapid succession - back to back?

  • Mike

    Hi Hazel!

    Good catch, those links are remnants of our old site so I need to get those addressed as some of those posts didn't come with. The good news is I can still provide you the info.

    For option 2, "at the same" really means one after the other as simultaneously isn't really possible with XBRL taxonomies across documents. However, since they are linked together, you want to make sure both are in the same taxonomy or you'll have issues. Does that make sense?

    Thanks again for letting me know and give me a holler if you have any additional questions. Cheers!


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