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Tasks Visibility




  • Andrew McKenzie

    Someone from Workiva may be able to confirm, but I think if you add the "Task Admin" role to the auditors they will be able to view all tasks by default. (Although they may also be able to edit/modify these, which may be undesirable.) Read more at Workspace roles – Support Center (

    If you create a Process then you can grant view/edit/owner access to the Process itself just as you would other files, so I believe that would be a valid alternative.

  • Kellie Volpicelli

    Thanks Andrew both are great suggestions; I think the Process might be best so that the tasks themselves do not get modified. I appreciate the feedback. 

  • Liz Walters


    Andrew is 100% correct! 

    The other benefit of using Processes for your Tasks is that it will generate a "Process Activity Report". This report has information about when Tasks were assigned, when they were completed, and who completed it. This sounds like it could potentially be a helpful report for you and your auditors. 

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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