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Certification Requirements Before Signing Letter



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  • Mike

    Hi David!

    Great question. The answer here is both yes and no. How the Process-based Certifications are setup is intended to follow a path. To achieve what you are looking for, you have some options.
    1. Add a Task before the Certification with a link the URL to click. They would have to mark it complete and someone approve before moving on.
    2. Comment to the person in the Workiva file to look at.

    Regarding your second question, this would be harder to prove out, though while the Task, Comment or Certification can't require the person to click the hyperlink before signing, if you are sending them to a Workiva file there are activity logs in the workspace that would record who opens what files.

    All that said, I've shared some of these insights with our product team for their further consideration Let me know what questions you have on the above or if you need anything else. Thanks again and keep staying great!


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