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New Certification Roll Forward Best Practices




  • Isabel Messore

    Welcome to the Community Michael Gutman,

    I'm checking with our new certification experts on any best practices and will be sure to message you once I hear back!


  • Isabel Messore

    Back with an update for you Michael Gutman,

    So, we don't have plans or current functionality to match the ability to copy w/o signatures. However, there is a workaround. In this scenario I would recommend building the letter as a template so you can use it in any process, and then build a new process for each certification process needed and simplify the build by using the bulk certification creation which will always be using the most up to date group members and then you can use the template to create the letters you need to apply to those certifications.

    Hope this helps!

  • Erica Celso

    This totally eliminates the usefulness of the entire system. We have hundreds of UNIQUE letters that are sent each quarter. We are expected to build each process each time?

  • Alex O'Brien

    Seconded with what Erica has said. This is a massive step backwards in the Workiva functionality. This needs a solution to help customers.

  • Alana Satterthwaite

    Is there a timeline for this feature to be implemented?   As echoed by users above, this impedes upon the functionality use of the Certification Process. 

  • Mike Saunders

    Agreed on the above, there needs to be a way to roll certifications forward.  This new process is adding hours each quarter to what used to be a single click

  • Curt Kuechler

    As Certifications are normally used on a periodic basis (e.g. quarterly) I don't seem to find a way to copy a template for use in the next period.  That would be a Very helpful and time saving feature.  It would also provide better traceability to the language in the certification instructions and any added attachments that are not recorded in the individual signers' responses.  It would also help when you have numerous items in a certification that you may want to create a template for a group that only is to certify a portion of the overall question set.   (I originally posted this comment in a different post but that one was "Answered" and probably not monitored anymore.)

  • Erin Funderlich

    I also agree - there needs to be a way to roll certifications forward. This new process is adding hours each quarter to what used to be a single click. Without this inability to simply click to roll forward, it's unnecessarily inefficient. 


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