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Processes Tags and Groups



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  • Isabel Messore
    We are currently planning on going through the technical and product discovery for creating tags next quarter. The discovery process will give us better information on what exactly we'll need to implement and how. We do not have it on a release roadmap yet, that will be planned after our discovery! In the meantime, there are two workarounds we recommend (both of these are included in the process status csv export and can be used to filter/sort in excel).
    1. Adding the tags to the action title
    2. Adding tags to the instruction field of the cert action. The tags would only be on that specific cert action for the recipient, which is similar to how tags are added/used in classic certs.

    We have not released the functionality of groups yet. However, you now have the ability to add multiple approvers and signers as of June 12th! 

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