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New certifications processes- questions/comments




  • Isabel Messore

    Hi Kevin Lockwood,

    Happy to clarify the following for ya!

    1. In terms of connection issues, our Support Team is the best point of contact. 
    2. Bouncing back a certification is considered for our future roadmap, it is not planned for this year though.
    3. You delete a template the same as any other file in the system.  In Files, select the template and click the trash can icon.
    4. Reminder features are set to be released at the end of June.
    5. The ability to sign without logging in was released on Monday in Wave 3.
    6. Linking has been received as an idea by few customers and will be considered.

    More information can be found here!

  • Pat Flanakin

    The ability to revise a certification needs to be handled ASAP, not next year, please.  It is not the most user friendly process to remove the ability for us to revoke a cert because it was wording wrongly, etc...  Mistakes happen and unless I'm missing, this seems to be a HUGE oversight by those developing the new platform.  You had a good platform that could handle resending a cert rather easily....such is no longer and to my huge disappointment.

  • Nedaa Karawan

    Agree. This is a disappointment. We can not set reminders anymore. It was a huge set back during Q2 Cert.

  • Pat Flanakin

    FYI - we figured out the new way to create a new cert within a process without creating a new process, so my comment above has been addressed.

  • Curt Kuechler

    As Certifications are normally used on a periodic basis (e.g. quarterly) I don't seem to find a way to copy a template for use in the next period.  That would be a Very helpful and time saving feature.  It would also provide better traceability to the language in the certification instructions and any added attachments that are not recorded in the individual signers' responses.  It would also help when you have numerous items in a certification that you may want to create a template for a group that only is to certify a portion of the overall question set.   


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